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Can you name the Liverpool side which beat Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final?

On this day in 2006, Liverpool defeated Chelsea 2-1 at Old Trafford in the FA Cup semi-final. For the second successive season, Rafa Benitez's men … Read More

How much can you remember about Liverpool’s previous clashes with Cardiff?

The next stop on Liverpool’s quest to hopefully claim the Premier League title seems them travel to Wales to face Cardiff City. Cardiff are deep … Read More
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Reds unveil new Bob Paisley dedicated 2019/20 home kit

Liverpool FC has today revealed the New Balance home kit for the upcoming season (2019/20), which is now available to pre-order. Paying homage to … Read More

MK Dons in the race for promotion

There was a point around Christmas and the new year when many MK Dons fans felt the wheels had come off in the team’s pursuit of promotion. Just … Read More
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Tommy Smith: Career in pictures

Former Liverpool star Tommy Smith sadly passed away earlier this week at the age of 74. Smith, aka, the "Anfield Iron", had an 18-year career at … Read More

How much can you remember about Liverpool’s last ten clashes with Chelsea?

The rivalry between Liverpool and Chelsea will come to the fore once again this weekend as the two sides clash in the Premier League. Both sides are … Read More
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