Norwich City were let down by their defence on the opening day against Liverpool at Anfield last week. 

Although Norwich lined up with two 21-year-old’s and a 19-year-old in their defence, it was the experience Grant Hanley who cost the Canaries.

The Scottish defender sliced the ball into his own net in the seventh minute, due to poor technique and an apparent lack of concentration – before also failing to deal with a cross into the box for Divock Origi’s goal.

This begs the question, what is Norwich’s best centre-back partnership? Decide for yourself by voting down below…

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Godfrey and Klose

Zimmermann and Klose

Hanley and Klose

Zimmermann and Godfrey

Zimmermann and Hanley

Hanley and Godfrey


  Zimmermann and Godfrey 90%
  Godfrey and Klose 62%
  Zimmermann and Klose 38%
  Hanley and Godfrey 14%
  Zimmermann and Hanley 13%
  Hanley and Klose 8%