Much has been made of Norwich’s decision to change their ticketing system for home and away matches this season.

In previous years the club have used a points system for away tickets – to give those who have been loyal to Norwich in recent seasons the best chance to get tickets.

However, they have decided to make it more of a lottery, with anyone who pays £50 for a premium away membership now having the same chance as anyone, unless you went to 10 or more away matches last season.

Tickets for Norwich’s away match at West Ham went on sale on Tuesday morning and some fans took to Twitter to comment on the situation…

Josh isn’t happy…

Michael feels the system can be exploited.

Michael Regan/Getty Images Sport

Alex seems concerned about West Ham fans being in the away end.

Well… he is right to be…

Tants reckons the system is a farce.

Jamie thinks it’s a joke.

Charles wants his £50 back!


You can see both sides of the argument in regards to the new ticketing system. The club clearly feel as though it is a way to bring new fans to the club and give younger supporters the opportunity to experience away games in the Premier League.

However, it is also a kick in the teeth for fans to pay £50 and possibly not get a ticket for any of the 19 away games, which is unlikely – but a possibility all the same.

Ben Kensell has said that they will review the system in January and explore ways to improve it for the 2020/21 campaign, although that is still going to leave plenty of frustrated fans for the next eight months…

Were Norwich right to change the ticketing system?