Championship side, Norwich City have upgraded our training facilities with a view to improving results on the pitch. Jordan Fitness have been announced as our new partners who have been tasked with the responsibility of revamping training facilities. The King’s Lynn-based fitness supplier has signed a partnership agreement with the vlib to expand its portfolio of elite customers. The club’s Colney training facility will be refitted, with the gym in special focus also including training soccer shoe, according to report.

Jordan Fitness are a fitness equipment manufacturer that designs, manufactures and supplies fitness equipment which is a necessity at every club. The increased quality of the facilities will ensure that our players are more conditioned to deal with anything thrown at them on the pitch.

Speaking after the agreement was signed, Zak Pitt, managing director of Jordan Fitness said, “We have started to see an increase in our supply of high-profile sports facilities to the likes of Leicester City Football Club and Williams F1, who are not only investing in the development of their sports performance but also in their own employees’ health and well-being,” he said.

Stuart Webber, sporting director at Norwich City, said: “This new partnership means we have made a first step in the improving of the facilities which will ultimately aid performance on the pitch.” Partnership with bet365 bookmakers let you get the best odds in the Championship games

The Daniel Farke tutored team are currently eighth on the Championship table and have won our last two matches, with our next fixture at home to Hull City on Saturday.