I (Seb Ward) was joined by co-editors Charlie Hatch and Dexter Levick, as well Read Norwich writer Sean Galea-Pace who made a guest appearance. Just an hour or so after the window ‘slammed shut’ (as you’re obliged to describe it), we offered our opinions on how the day and the transfer window as a whole had gone.

It’s fair to say it was quite passionate, and turned into a bit of a rant in parts. But in general we try to be as balanced as possible, taking into account the squad’s strength even before any transfers.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images Sport

Should Norwich City have acted earlier? Were they chasing the wrong players? Were they lacking ambition, naive or was it simply luck not being on their side? And most importantly, have Norwich got enough to fulfil this season’s main aim – survival?

With help from some twitter interaction we try our best to answer these questions.

So, grab a drink, sit back and listen. Oh, and while you’re at it, get involved in the comments.


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