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Brian Gosden

Sports journalist. Writer across many sports.

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The top ten reality TV bust ups ever!

We all love our reality TV here in the UK. Aside from all the romances and fun and games that the stars of these shows get up to, nothing quite … Read More
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15 products that aren’t as healthy as you think

There are many foods out there that are thought to be amazing health foods or must-have diet items. However, if you look closely at what is actually … Read More
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Rafa Benitez approached by Marseille and AS Roma

Rafa Benitez's contract with Newcastle United is set to expire and whilst his desire is to stay with the club, the Spaniard is still negotiating with … Read More

How many of these former Liverpool players do you recognise?

Liverpool have had their fair share of players over the years, but how good are you at putting names to faces? Whilst we are waiting for the … Read More
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Countdown: The best TV Documentaries of all time

Documentaries are a special art form. They offer unique insights into subjects that we think we know better than anyone, only to constantly surprise … Read More
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Eating these foods could help to lower your blood pressure

We all know that high blood pressure can lead to a number of health issues but are there ways to lower your blood pressure naturally instead of … Read More
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