Cameron McGeehan came to the light of Norwich fans when he produced some magical performances whilst captaining his side to win the F.A youth cup. Not only that but Cameron had an incredible loan spell at Luton town where he played through a fractured elbow and helped them to win the league.  Jack Reeve caught up with Cameron to talk about what has been a memorbale few seasons for the youngster.

Jack: Hello Cameron, it’s a pleasure to talk to you today

Cameron: It’s no problem at all!

J: You moved from Fulham to Chelsea at the age of 10, was this big pressure on you at such a young age?

C:I was in same team as Nathanial Chalobah, he has now gone on to do great things of course. I was never really thinking about money or how big Chelsea were at that time. At that age, all I was concerend about was enjoying my football and becoming a better player. It was also very handy because Chelsea wasn’t far away from my house and Chelsea were the team I supported. I wasn’t ever thinking about the price tag involved, at the age, you don’t feel pressure.

J: What was it like for your development spending time at Chelsea?

C: Norwich have cracked it now, but when I was a young lad, Chelsea were very ahead of the time, a champions league club and one of the best setups in the world. That allowed me to receive superb coaching all the way through the age groups. Some of my coaches there, have now gone on to be first team managers in England and also foreign countries. At that time though, it was all about learning the basic skills and having them implemented into you at a young age. Chelsea done that perfectly, and I learnt a lot.

J: You made the move to Norwich at the age of 16, was that a good move for you?

C: Chelsea were very good for me as a young boy, the coaching was excellent. There comes a time at Chelsea though where as an academy lad your chances are limited. It was great to move to Norwich where the youngstrers get more of a chance to play and train with the first team. Since I’ve been at Norwich I have loved every minute of it, everybody is so friendly around the club. All the lads have been very welcoming also, the Murphy’s were great and so was Toffolo.

J: You were given a lot of credit for being so gracious in victory against Chelsea in the F.A youth cup. Do you still have a lot of respect for your boyhood club?

C: Yeah of course I do. That’s where I learnt my trade, I still know all the players there, so when I saw them on the floor at the end of the game crying and sad, I felt for them, they are my mates at the end of the day. I went up to them and shook their hands and patted them on the back, but I still celebrated as much as everybody else. It’s important to be gracious though, it was a fantastic game and I feel it’s hugely important to show respect.

J: What was going through your head stepping up to the penalty against Chelsea in front of 21,000 fans at Carrow Road?

C: I’d been practising penalties for a while before the game, just the basics of stepping up nice and coolly and striking the ball clean down the middle. I was focussed and didn’t really feel the nerves; it was more of a case of stepping up and doing what I knew I could do. There was a wait before I could take the penalty as the referee had to book the centre back and that was tough, but I had a process in taking penalties and I knew I was going to score that.

J: Did you ever believe that the Norwich team you were in could ever go on to win the F.A Youth Cup?

C: Yeah, I believed from the very start that we had the quality and that we could get there. I know that we are a great bunch that work hard and get on together very well. Everyone in that team was very humble and very well behaved, you never saw anyone going out drinking, and we were tight group. Not only that but there was huge talent also, obviously the Murphy’s are pushing on now and I believed that from the very start we could really push on in the competition and do great things. I don’t think we would have won it if we didn’t believe.

J: Since then Josh Murphy has gone on to play for the first team, are you slightly disappointed not to make the jump yourself?

C: No, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, that’s just football. You have to wait for your chance and get your experience and take your loan deals, it’s not always going to be as easy as going straight into the first team. Josh has inspired everyone in what he has done and knocked the door down you could say. I would I’m more proud of Josh than feeling disappointed with myself, he’s doing great things.

J: How much did you learn at Luton when you on loan there?

C: It was a great experience for me and I learnt a lot. There was a big difference in the style of football and I had to adapt my game a little bit which meant I learnt a lot which obviously helped a lot with my development. In the conference it was a lot about finding ways to win games, and not all about making it look pretty, so that was another huge learning curve. We went on to win the league and a big part of my loan there was learning how to stay on top and not letting anybody catch you. Not only did I learn a lot technically but it was brilliant to build relationships with other people and playing in front of big crowd’s week in week out.

J: How different is development football compared to conference football?

C: It’s a lot quicker and more competitive. There are more people really going for it and getting stuck in in the conference instead of development football where it a bit more friendly and people sometimes sit back a bit more. In development football it is all about nurturing your ability and learning the technique of the game whereas conference football is all about winning and finding a way to do so. The main thing is though is the much faster tempo and the quick turnarounds between Saturday and Tuesday games.

J: Did you expect to make such a huge impact when on loan at Luton last season?

C: No, not at all, I just wanted to get down there and get some minutes under my belt and try to make an impact. John Still, the manager believed in me and stuck me in the team every week which I am very thankful for, the fans we absolutely superb as well and supported me every step of the way.

J: Thanks for speaking to me Cameron; we look forward to see what you get up to next season