Teemu Pukki is set for a tough season next year when he and his side come face to face with some of the biggest and most successful teams in England after Norwich were promoted to the Premier League.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has had nothing but praise for Finnish footballer Pukki and thinks he’s already ready for the Premier League, according to reports on The Pink Un.

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images Sport

Ibrahimovic has had a lot of experience in the Premier League and did claim that it’s hard to play against some of these top teams.

But after speaking to Finnish Mestarit Podcast, he revealed that he thought following the season Pukki has already had in the Championship, that he’ll be just fine in the Premier League.

Next season will be even more difficult for Teemu because now you are playing against the elite, and from my own experience, it’s not easy to score goals in the Premier League, but I’m pretty sure he will make it.

Pukki has had an extremely successful season in the Championship and has everything to prove when he starts in the top flight, and according to reports he had the most successful season any Finnish Footballer has had in England, and will, therefore, want to put in similar performances in the Premier League.

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