English Championship high-flyers Norwich City have agreed a three-year deal to use Firstbeat Sports, the leading provider of physiological analytics in sports.

The Canaries will use Firstbeat Sports’ Premium player monitoring solution to unlock the power of individualized training and recovery guidance. This includes insights derived from real-time heart rate variability (HRV) data and Bodyguard 2 devices used to get the big picture on player stress and recovery.

One of 2018-19’s form teams, Norwich joins the likes of Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers in utilizing Firstbeat Sports to reduce injury risk, optimize player performance and fast-track development.

Chris Domogalla, Head of Performance at Norwich City, said:

We’ve partnered with Firstbeat to take our workload and recovery balance to the next level. Firstbeat’s HRV data allows us to add another objective piece to the puzzle of optimized player management alongside GPS, strength & movement scores and subjective wellness questionnaires. The Bodyguard 2 and overnight recovery monitoring will hopefully open up a new level in reducing individual players’ injury risk and, ultimately, help us secure consistent performance levels on the pitch.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images Sport

Firstbeat Sports Key Account Manager, Graham Stark, said:

We’re really excited to be working with Norwich City. They’re a club that is on an upward trend and it’s great they’ve seen the value of internal loading and our advanced analytics as part of the athlete monitoring cycle. Firstbeat aims to deliver a service that allows the team to maximize the physical potential of their players, and, with the busy Christmas period approaching, our unique insights into recovery will give them the edge in this vital part of the season. “I’m looking forward to Firstbeat helping Norwich City back into the Premier League where they belong.