With Sergi Canos having joined Norwich City today from Liverpool, it was a good time to try to find out a little bit more about our first summer signing.

Not many Norwich fans, including myself, had really heard of Canos before he was first linked to the club. So, we have asked some questions to Ste Hoare, of Read Liverpool, to learn more about the 19-year-old.

He spent last season at Brentford, scoring seven goals in 18 starts, but no one knows much about him beyond that.

So, here is a little more info on Canos…

Firstly, are you surprised at Canos’ exit from Liverpool?

No, not really. Liverpool wanted to keep him but apparently his contract demands were too high for a player who’d be on the fringes at best. Had we qualified for Europe, we may have kept him but a lack of games means he’d have struggled to get any first-team action.

That sounds fair. Was there a feeling he could have made the first-team in the near future?

He’d have needed to develop more really. He’s talented but raw, and although he was highly thought of at the Academy, the likes of Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana, Sadio Mane and Sheyi Ojo were all ahead of him in the pecking order so it’d have been difficult for him.

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There is thought to be a buy-back option of sorts in the deal, do you think Canos could reach a level where Liverpool exercise this?

He’s still young so he has time on his side to do so. I think he’d have to prove himself in the top-flight though. We’ve seen that he’s a decent player in the Championship but he’d probably have to do it in the Premier League for us to consider buying him back.

There have been some questions raised over his attitude, do you think that could be a problem for Norwich at some point?

It’s hard to tell really without really knowing the guy. What I would say is that Liverpool don’t suffer fools lightly and they wanted to keep him so he mustn’t have too bad an attitude.

That sounds promising on that front then, but onto his playing style. What sort of player is he? Which player could you liken him to in world football?

He’s a quick, versatile player who can operate on either flank or in the number ten role. He had good technique and a very good work rate. He reminds me of a raw version of Bojan.

You say he reminds you of Bojan, do you feel he could develop into a regular number 10, or does his future lie in the wide areas?

He definitely could but it depends on what system you want to use. He’s very quick so he’d do some damage on the wing but if you play through him in the middle, he’ll impact games. He’s hit and miss though so Norwich might fancy someone more solid like a Naismith in that number ten role.

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His versatility does sound very promising. However, you have used the word raw to describe him a few times, what do you feel are the weak areas of his game? Is it down to experience?

Pretty much, he hadn’t played a lot of first team football prior to his loan last season. He can sometimes look like he wants to do everything at 100mph and he’d be better served just slowing down a touch so he can assess situations better.

Finally, do you think he will be a success for Norwich? Bearing in mind he could cost up to £4.5m.

Yeah I think he’ll do well. He scores goals and will excite your fans. He’ll annoy you at times but you got a good deal there.

Now you know more about Norwich’s new signing, Sergi Canos. Welcome Sergi!