I really don’t know how to respond to yesterday’s defeat, I commend anyone who is able to be positive after a result like that.

3-0 loss to Sunderland… Sunderland of all bloody teams. I think that was worse than the loss to Aston Villa, certainly far more damaging defeat, that is for sure. It was the worst performance from Norwich all season, worse than the Newcastle 6-2…

At least when we lost to Newcastle we actually looked like we could string a few passes together and score a few goals. I think Sunderland actually got through more times than Newcastle did against us, it’s just their finishing wasn’t as clinical.

I have picked out five things I think we can take from the game, now bear with me through this and keep in mind the utter depression we are all suffering after the defeat, as I may end up saying a few things people will be unhappy with… oh well!

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow