It’s been 24 hours now and I’ve only now just about managed to catch my breath back, after what was possibly one of the best Premier League games to grace Carrow Road.

While it probably lacked a degree of quality, showing why both sides are struggling to stay in the league, it easily made up for it in entertainment. Not once, but twice Newcastle managed to peg their way back in to the game, and were the better side for the majority of the second half.

But just after Mitrovic converted a pretty soft penalty, and Norwich fans were contemplating whether life could get any worse, Martin bloody Olsson pops up out of nowhere and gets on the end of a hopeful cross. The shot was going wide, but at the last second it took a swerve inwards and rocketed into the bottom corner.

Life as a football fan doesn’t get much better than that.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow