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Performances consisting of no shows and captiulations. Why?

Capitulation, Disaster, No show, these are the words that have been used many times over the past four years to describe Norwich City performances, … Read More

There is no place like home, we are halfway there.

With half the season gone and still carrying the bulk of the same squad of players that were relegated two seasons ago Vinny Mansi compares City’s … Read More

Five Memorable Steven Whittaker Moments

With everybody clamoring on about the need to strengthen our defence is it fair to single out Steven Whittaker as the weakest link? I remember going … Read More

INTERVIEW: The transfer market from someone who knows – agent Phil Smith

Vinny Mansi: Do newly promoted clubs such as Norwich struggle to recruit players and if so why? Phil Smith: Not necessarily, though it is a very … Read More

From the Fringe

After a convincing 0-10 win for City, Vinny Mansi reports on some of the players that didn’t play regularly last season, how they performed against … Read More

Alex Neil vs Paul Lambert – The Showdown – Round 2

Read 'Round 1', the first part of this series, HERE. Round 2 Tactical ability – Who has the best offence, defence and the better counter … Read More