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Exclusive Interview: Adam Drury

When you think of Norwich legends, there are a few that spring to mind; one of whom is Adam Drury. The left-sided defender played over 300 games for … Read More

Club Q&A Session Sees New Questions Raised

Wednesday evening saw the first fans forum of the 'Norwich City Fans Social Club' take place. The evening consisted of an exclusive question and … Read More

In Images: Sunderland 1-3 Norwich City

A hopeless Sunderland performance was capitalised upon by Norwich City who showed flair and determination to dismantle the hosts. Tettey did well to … Read More
  • By Seb Ward
  • 3 min read time
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INTERVIEW: The transfer market from someone who knows – agent Phil Smith

Vinny Mansi: Do newly promoted clubs such as Norwich struggle to recruit players and if so why? Phil Smith: Not necessarily, though it is a very … Read More
  • By Vinny Mansi
  • 10 min read time
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Interview with Paul McVeigh – We talk top-flight, Hughton, Wes and the mental side of the game

Read Norwich's admin, Seb Ward, recently interviewed former Norwich City legend Paul McVeigh, who made 224 appearances for City, scoring 36 … Read More
  • By Seb Ward
  • 23 min read time
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POLL: Third kit – love it or hate it?

The new third kit has had a big impact. But that's just what Steve Balmer-Walters, Head of Retail at the Club, wanted. "The hoops represent … Read More
  • By Seb Ward
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