We all loved the track tops that our boys walked out in at Wembley. The classy design made everyone fall in love with them and the day made it even more special! So many Norwich fans were excited to get their hands on one after the club announced they would be releasing them for general sale but the price has put many people off. Fear not, I have found a way to get £30 off what Norwich are selling them for! 

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 16.45.28

Above is a screenshot from the official Norwich store, you can see that the track top is on sale for £50. I would agree that the track top is beautiful but not worth the steep price that Norwich are trying to charge. So here’s the alternative. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 16.50.23

Above is a picture of the exact same track top without the badge on costing £31.25 less. I know, that’s crazy. I know that the badge is the most important part of the track top but it’s not worth £31.25. 

Simply get your hands on that track top, by clicking here and then we can move onto the next step! 

Once you’ve got your track top we will then need to get a badge to either iron or sew on. I found this one on Ebay but they had sold out, I’m sure they will re-stock soon enough though. If you can’t find any online then simply go into a local embroidery shop and get them to sort it out for you, either way it’s going to be dirt cheap! 

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 17.32.57

So it’s up to you now, you can either spend £50 and add some cash to the David McNally’s pockets or save yourself £30 and feel the overwhelming sense of pride when you stitch that Norwich badge onto your cheap as chips track top. 

Go grab yourself a bargain and wear that track top with the knowledge you look like Bradley Johnson walking out at Wembley for just £20!