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Poll: Did Oliveira’s celebration go too far?

Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport

The Daniel Farke era (or the Webber-lution, if you prefer) got under way on Saturday with an incredibly impressive and hard-fought draw against fellow promotion hopefuls Fulham.

But despite the long list of positives to take from the opening day point, and the ecstasy of a last minute equaliser, it was overshadowed by Nelson Oliveira’s goal celebration.

The Portuguese striker, who had to settle for a place on the bench after a notably impressive preseason, ran straight over to Farke and shoved his shirt in the German’s face. He persisted to point to his own name in front of Farke, with his own teammates having to pull him back towards City’s half.

The celebration instantly divided Norwich fans.

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BT Sport presenter and City fan Jake Humphrey denounced Oliveira as “classless” and believed he should be dropped for the rest of the season for his antics.

BBC Norfolk’s Rob Butler, not for the first time, took a polar opposite view to Jake Humphrey on the matter. Butler believed the celebration “shows he has heart and a pair of…” well, you know. Although he did follow up by admitting it was “a little bit naughty”.

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