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EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Norwich commentator Stuart Hodge

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With Norwich’s 2016/17 season having come to a close last weekend, we can begin to look back on the campaign.

It was a season of highs and lows, unfortunately, the overall result was poor – with the club unable to achieve a play-off place.

One thing I have enjoyed this season – off the pitch – has been the club’s in-house content.

The Canaries were heavily praised for their award-winning ‘City 360’ series last season, and added to that by having their own commentary for every game this campaign.

Norwich have had Stuart Hodge as their YouTube commentator for each game.

I spoke to Stuart about this season and what might happen in the future…

What has been your favourite game to commentate on this season?

Forest 5-1 and, funnily enough, the City Ground was my favourite away game as well this season I think. But the game at home was special. Under the lights at Carrow Road, three “absolute worldies” I think I said in commentary and it was right because they were brilliant goals. Jonny Howson’s, in particular, could’ve graced any arena. Ronaldo or Messi score one like that in the Champions League and the whole world would be talking about it!

If you could sum up your commentary in three words, what would they be?

Ohhhh…. That’s a good one. I know I’m not always everyone’s cup of tea but I try to be passionate, show good awareness and knowledge and be erudite. That’s more three things, than three words, but there you go!

If you could have commentated on any game in Norwich history, what would it have been?

4-1 v Ipswich. Grant Holt scoring a hat-trick, Wes on the scoresheet too. I saw it on TV and the whole place was absolutely rocking. It must have been amazing to be there. Paul Lambert had the team playing some amazing football at that time so it would have been a wonderful era to be a part of.

Which player’s names is the most fun to shout in commentary after they’ve scored?

Hah! Is this a reference to when I got a bit excited at Forest away and shouted Grrrrrrrraham Dorrans? To be honest, I don’t mind who scores, but it’s all the more special when it’s someone who doesn’t manage to very often. I hope Tettey has another special one in him at some point, because he absolutely leathers the ball.

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Will we be hearing you again next season? And thank you for your great job this season!

Nothing has been confirmed yet. I have really enjoyed myself so if it is to be a one season thing then I will remain grateful for the opportunity, but I would really like a crack at commentating on a promotion campaign. And then to do Premier League games on a weekly basis, well that’s the stuff dreams are made of!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Finally, I would just like to take the opportunity to say thanks to the club for giving me the chance to do it, the vast team which helps us produce the best highlights package in the division and the fans for their incredible support of the team and my own efforts throughout the year.

I would like to thank Stuart for taking the time to answer my questions and we all wish him the best of luck for whatever the future brings.