Documents relating to Ricky van Wolfswinkel’s move to Norwich City in 2013 have been leaked online by Football Leaks (via MARCA).

The documents, which obviously can’t be confirmed to be real, state that the transfer was, as widely reported, worth over €10m but was paid in two installments of €5m that would be paid over a year.

It also says that Norwich would owe Sporting Club de Portugal €250,000 every time that the Dutch striker played over thirty times for the Canaries in the Premier League. In his first year, Van Wolfswinkel only managed to play twenty-five times, meaning that is unlikely Norwich had to pay the Portuguese side anything. This could be paid a maximum of four times, meaning that Norwich could’ve had to pay over €1m to the Lisbon side.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images Sport

It also states that Norwich would have to pay €250,000 every time Van Wolfswinkel notched 15 goals for the club. This, again, would be paid up to a maximum of four times. As well all know, the dutchman only managed one goal in his first season for the Canaries, and this is a figure unlikely to be increased any time soon, with the striker currently on loan with Real Betis.

This decision, therefore, may have influenced the striker’s two loan moves away from Carrow Road the last two seasons, with Norwich may be unwilling to pay Sporting any more money for his services.

But again, take this with a pinch of salt, as we cannot confirm if these documents are in fact real.